McDonough Girls Club

Join the McDonough Girls Club, an exclusive haven for girls aged 8-13! Once a month, starting January 2024, let's build bonds, create wonders, and cherish friendships in Henry County and beyond.

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Empowering young girls aged 8-13 in Henry County and surrounding areas, the McDonough Girls Club cultivates lasting friendships, fosters creativity, and nurtures a supportive environment. Through monthly gatherings, collaborative activities, and a commitment to inclusivity, we provide a safe haven where girls can grow, flourish, and build lifelong bonds.

Membership Benefits:

- Exclusive Access: Only for girls aged 8-13.

- Safe Space: Emphasizing safety, inclusivity, and respect for everyone.

- Monthly Themes: Each meeting centered around a unique theme for activities and discussions.

- Food and Drinks: Provided at every meeting.

Monthly Meetings:

- Frequency: Once a month.

- Duration: One hour.

- Location: Safe and accessible venue within Henry County or surrounding areas.


- Friendship Building: Icebreakers, team-building exercises, and discussions fostering friendships.

- Creative Sessions: Collaborative projects or workshops where girls can create and express themselves.

- Fun and Games: Engaging activities, games, and challenges to encourage teamwork and enjoyment.

Special Events:

- Occasional Special Gatherings: Organize larger events quarterly or semi-annually for more extensive activities, outings, or themed celebrations.

- Community Involvement: Engage with local initiatives or charities, fostering a sense of community and empathy.

- **Adult Supervision:** Responsible adults overseeing activities, ensuring safety and guidance.

Come together, create, and rejoice in a safe, food-filled hour each month!

McDonough Moms

Empowering, Connecting, and Celebrating Motherhood in the Heart of Georgia. 

At McDonough Moms, our mission is to create a vibrant and supportive community where mothers come together to empower one another, forge meaningful connections, and celebrate the diverse journey of motherhood. Through monthly brunches, networking meeting, special events, play dates,  community walks, and more, we strive to foster a welcoming environment that embraces the joys and challenges of parenting. We are dedicated to nurturing friendships, providing resources, and making every mom feel valued on her unique path. 

Together, we build a tapestry of shared experiences, laughter, and understanding, creating a lasting legacy of camaraderie for the mothers of McDonough.

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